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Exercise Your Inner Einstein

Neuroscience is revolutionizing our world. Consider: neuroplasticity.  This is the process by which the brain transforms itself via repeated exposure, practice and attention. Think of it as muscle memory but for your brain. It’s what allows us to acquire new skills, languages and can even be the source of creativity.

It’s possible to recode your brain for any number of reasons. Since the brain stays plastic for life, we can continue to learn and create changes in our brains throughout our lifespan. We’ve also learned:

Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise.

Memory can be trained, retrained and improved.

Pets can help us decrease anxiety.

The earlier brain development begins, the more effective it is over a lifetime.

And this barely scratches the surface.

The Brain Boutique is dedicated to promoting the positive lifestyle choices and products associated with developing a healthy brain.  

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