About The Brain Boutique

Picture of Drew Bufalini, Owner of The Brain Boutique

My name is Drew Bufalini and I've been the the Chief Marketing Officer at one of Michigan's top neuro rehabilitation centers since 2011. Part of my job has been to manage the social media accounts - and I've read thousands of compelling, factual and (often) peer reviewed articles about the brain. Many of them are even worth sharing! You can find the content I've curated here and on our social media platforms.  All of the products on this website have been informed by my reading, research and experiences in the world of brain injury rehabilitation. 

I began my career in neuro rehab as a volunteer at a neuro rehab treatment center while rebuilding my endurance after several years on disability due to a chronic health condition. Working directly with traumatic brain injury clients as an occupational therapist aide, I witnessed countless examples of creative therapies and how they could help people with brain injuries improve over time. Since neuroscience is the common element in both brain injury and building a better brain, creating this website seemed like the right thing to do. Or, at least, the good I could put out into the world today.

In the future, I hope to grow this site into a publishing platform for all the latest advancements in neuroscience, AI, biohacking, brain advancement, brain health articles and much, much more.

If anyone has an article submission, comment or idea to improve Brain Boutique, feel free to contact me at brainboutique1@gmail.com.