Can I really build a better brain?

The ultimate “improvement” of the brain occurs during a process called neuroplasticity. Basically, this is the brain’s ability to reorganize synaptic connections in response to learning, experience and even injury. The more you perform a specific task (or educate yourself on a subject), the more your neuronal pathways organize in favor of you successfully completing the task. Hence, developing the right habits can help your brain evolve new neural pathways.

Additional research shows that staying active, social, creative and challenging ourselves intellectually can help maintain a healthy brain into and through our senior years.

The bottom line is that you can improve on what you have today. Please visit Research or Recommended Reading for more information.

What do you consider a "better brain?"

Every brain is as unique as the individual walking around with it. For example, someone with a bad memory could consider themselves to have "improved" his brain by learning certain habits (such as organization and productivity skills). Another example could be focusing on mental health and ridding your life of the toxic stress that makes you overeat and keeps you up all night.  Each of us has the capacity to make progressive change occur in our brain and our lives.

Please note: I am not promoting any sort of cure. Someone with a degenerative neurological disorder is not going to recover simply by doing a few puzzles and taking up painting. Nor will anyone improve their memory overnight. It takes hard work and dedication. 

Are your products therapeutic?

In the ever-evolving world of neuroscience, we learn something new every day. While research may tell us that a certain activity is good for your brain or mental health – such as doing yoga, meditating, decompressing with your pet or learning to paint – researchers don’t normally make product recommendations. For something to be truly therapeutic, it must be under the direction or care of a degreed and credentialed medical professional. That said, our products are intended to support the findings of these researchers.

What should I do if I need to return or exchange an item?

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Where is Products to Build a Better Brain located?

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How can I contact Products to Build a Better Brain?

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