Electric Airbrush Marker Set Watercolor Paint Pen

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Model Number: Electric Spray Art Pen, Airbrush Marker Set, Watercolor Paint Pen

Multi purpose--It not only can do sprayed painting and but also do handwritten painting.
Suitable for children ages 6 and above,And you could company with your kid when drawing.
Various painting templates which can be combined freely, makes chilren love painting.
Cultivate children's interest in painting,and stimulate their art talent.
Portable Spray Art Set, Weight half less than Normal Spray art markers. No need AA battery, more convenient for Kids.
USB Cable included for recharging the Li-Po battery inside the Spray Art Marker, Simple and Easy.
The Spray Pen can work 40 minutes after fully charged by USB Cable.
12 Color changing markers included for more Funny.
5 amazing Stencils help you make different creations.
The Marker Airbrush is designed for kids, it's easy to clean. 
The changing markers are washable, The airbrush pen and the stencils can be rinsed. 

All markers are Non-Toxic proof.
The Spray Art Set inspires young imaginations to create works of spray art using markers as the ink. Designed for kids ages 6+, the set features new and improved spray. It includes 12 changing markers and an electric-powered airbrush Pen to spray the marker ink. And includes 5 stencil sheets so kids can spray precise lines and detailed designs.
This Spray Art Set offers an exciting way to use markers by spraying them. The airbrush pen is electric-powered and easy to use. Just push the marker into the Airbrush Pen and press the spray button lightly to Spray. The Airbrush pen is battery operated. Rechargeable Li-Po battery inside, no need to exchange the battery. Just charge by USB cable. Create a darker, defined line by moving the nozzle closer to the paper or spray a looser line by pulling the nozzle back.
Use the included 5 stencils to create themed designs or as inspiration for your own creations. Each stencil features a patterned edge for incorporating fancy borders into the artwork.

Material: plastic
Color: green, pink, orange
Size: 210*37*48mm

Battery parameter
Battery Weight: 9.4g
Lithium Battery Weight: 9.4g
Lithium Battery Energy Content: 500MAH
Battery Power: 1.85w
Lithium Battery Voltage: 3.7v
Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery 
Chemical composition of the battery cell: Lithium polymer
Number of Batteries: 1
Are Batteries Included: yes
Are Batteries Required: yes
Flash point (°C): 150°C
Lithium Battery Packaging: built in

Package included:
1 x Electric Airbrush Pen 
12 x color large-capacity watercolor pens
1 x Dust-free cloth
1 x USB Cable
5 x Painting templates
1 x PP box